A Widow Mourns, An Army Lies
U.S citizen Moira Jilani, wife of Jerusalemite Ziad Jilani who was murdered from point-blank range speaks about life and death of her husband. Meezaan representing the family in their pursuit for justice
Ethnic cleansing: Israeli Authorities demolish a whole village in the Negev
The Israeli Authority exercised ethnic cleansing in the Negev this morning Tuesday, when large Israeli forces demolished Al-Araqeeb unrecognized village and kept about 700 people homeless.
Descendants File Protest with United Nations over Israeli Plans to Build on...
Today, parties defending a 12th Century Muslim cemetery and holy site from desecration by Israeli authorities and a U.S. developer brought their case to the United Nations and held press conferences in Geneva, Jerusalem
Under police supervision Settlers attack Attiya Family in Sheikh Jarrah
Atiyya brothers, from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, were attacked on December 18 by settlers escorted by the occupation police near their home, , and survived with ith several bruises all over their bodies
MCHR Human Rights Weekly 22.11.2009
two new tunnels, Haridim break into Al-Aqsa, demolition of Palestinian houses, torture in the Palestinian Authority prisons
Meezaan Weekly for human rights
demolition of another 45 Palestinian houses, Israeli judge authorizes unearthing Islamic tombs, Gaza Freedom March, the terrorist Teitel who "enjoyed killing the Palestinians"
Mezaan's weekly on human rights - 13.09.2009
confiscating 550 Arabs dunams in Jerusalem, New tunnel beneath Al-Aqsa mosque, Demolition of 600 houses to extend a road, Msulims disallowed to enter Jerusalem, books crisis in Gaza
MCHR Human Rights Weekly 06.9.2009
15 months for a killer, imposing Zionism on Arab children, prisoners disallowed to pray, 9th anniversary of Al Aqsa uprising, 58 houses demolished in Jerusalem, Palestinian women forced to take their clothes off
MCHR Human Rights Weekly 30.08.2009
Gaza Fisherman, Children military court, Al-Aqsa mosque, Home self-demolition
The army continues to harm the freedom of movement of Palestinians in the...
Route 3265 has over the years served 45.000 Palestinians who live in the villages surrounding Hebron. After a settler was killed in that road in 2001, the army has completely prohibited Palestinians from driving along it
More than 500.000 occupying settlers in the Palestinian lands of the West Bank
The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) released the Israeli Settlements in the Palestinian Territory for the year 2008.
Video: Palestinian citezen killed by gas grenade shoot directly at him by...
Last Friday, 17 April, during a demonstration in Bi’lin, in the Ramallah District, a soldier fired a tear-gas grenade from an increased distance at Bassem Ibrahim Abu Rahma, 30
Jewish Settlers assault pregnant Palestinian woman with sticks and stones
Testimony by Roqaya al-Hazalin, 22 years old pregnant woman who was attacked by Jewish settlers with sticks and stones.
Abu Ghrieb in Tiberias and an Israeli Lynndie England called Omer
Testimonial from Meezaan Center for Human Rights on the torturing of Arab minor detainees, maintained by the Israeli police following the demonstrations against the aggression on Gaza
Shocking testimonies from the women prisons of Israeli occupation
From a place "mercy" has never been heard of; from the total darkness behind the black bars where they cry and call for a savior who never responds, she came to tell the world stories about grief and privation
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