Ethnic cleansing: Israeli Authorities demolish a whole village in the Negev

The Israeli Authority exercised ethnic cleansing in the Negev this morning Tuesday, when large Israeli forces and special police unites, estimated at 1500 police, raided the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Al-'Araqeeb in the Negev and attacked the locals and Arab and foreign activists who amassed in the area since midnight. In the interim the Israeli Authority begin demolishing all the houses of the village, and kept about 700 people (the total number of the village population), male and female, old and young homeless.

It noteworthy to mention that the lands of the village belong to the families of the Al-Turi and Al-'Araqeeb. However, the so-called JNF (Jewish National Fund) and the authority of the so called the "Israeli Land registry" and other authoritative bodies, unfairly claim that the village's lands are a state land.

It is reported the Israeli police declared the area as a closed zone since early morning, thus the police closed all the roads leading to the village, and therefore banned all media outlets to approach the area. However some of the media outlets manage to break the closure and get there.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the Israeli police started firing flares over the village of Al-'Araqeeb and then they started their attack on the villagers, protected by helicopters. The attack ended with ousting the whole villagers from their houses together with the activists who were among the villagers, therefore a number of them were reported injured and some others were arrested.

After the evacuation process the police gave order to start demolishing the whole village.

Yael Livnat a Jewish activist who attended the scene said "the situation is horrifying, there was a displacement." She added "this conduct does not suit a state claims democracy."