MCHR Human Rights Weekly 30.08.2009


Palestinian fisherman killed by Israeli sea forces in northern Gaza's beach

One Palestinian fisherman was killed and another was wounded after being shelled by the Israeli sea force in the northern beachfront of Gaza. Palestinian medical resources reported that Muhammad Nadi Al-Attar (25) was killed after his boat was shelled by the Israeli naval force while he was fishing, where the explosion lead to the decapitation of his head, as well as the injury of another fisherman who was in the place.



The Israeli occupation creates military courts for Palestinian children

Riyad Al-Ashqar, who directs the media department of the prisoner's ministry in Gaza, said that the Israeli occupation's intention to form a military court for children under pretence of differentiating between them and other adult prisoners, aims to deceive the world and the international community by pretending to respect humanitarian laws. Al-Ashqar stressed that the conditions of Palestinian children prisoners tell the opposite truth of the occupation's atrocities, its suppressive practices, and its irreverence for international conventions.

He added that more than 400 Palestinian children, mostly school pupils, are abducted in the occupation's prisons, where they are treated as terrorists, oppressed, beaten and humiliated in order to give confessions. They are tortured, deprived from sleep and food, burnt with cigarette butts, hardly waggled, their hands and legs cuffed and eyes covered; they are electrically shocked and threatened to expel their families and demolish their homes.

Not to forget that Israel is holding the youngest prisoner in the world, Yousuf al Zaq, who is only 18 months old.

Self-demolition in the Old City is not over yet

House self-demolition in the Old City of Al-Quds is still persisting. Muhammad Jaber from the Old city has recently demolished a room in his house after he had to choose between destroying the room himself, or paying the expenses of the demolition, and a penalty of 50 thousand Shekel (approx. $13 thousand), plus going to prison.




















80 thousand perform the first Jom'aa prayer of Ramdan in Al-Aqsa mosque


Despite the heat and the Israeli suppressive checkpoints around the city of Al-Quds, thousands of Palestinians from Al-Quds, the West Bank, and the 48 lands have managed to perform the Jom'aa prayer in the first Friday of Ramdan in Al-Aqsa mosque.

Thousands of other Palestinians were nonetheless stopped at the crossings and checkpoints that surround Al-Quds and its outskirts, especially the crossings of Qalandiya and Beit Jala.

Whereas at the checkpoint on the entrance of Shu'fat refugee camp, new procedures were carried out in preparation for Friday; as the occupation have installed passageways circumscribed by iron fence that lead to small rooms with gates like cages to hold the civilians inside.